last night in oakland

so i’ve been to oakland a few times now… more than 5, less than 10. i really like it out here. if i’m honest, i think it’s because there are middle-class black people here alongside a long history of activism and struggle. if the bay weren’t such a gentrifying, water-insecure, fault-lined shitshow, i’d be way down to move out here. but it is. and i won’t (i think).

anyway, last night some of us went out to café van kleef for a drink after dinner. i was initially feeling really bad about sort of being the driving force pulling everyone out. in the end, though, i’m really glad it happened. some frieds who hadn’t seen each other in a while got to reconnect and good times were had by all (i think).

the only open space in the place was a table across from two older black folks and two white women (separate groups). i asked them all if we could bring our group and they were all game. when we introduced ourselves, it turned out one of the black folks was a panther in her teens! she was a phlebotamist (sp?). she was literally brilliant in so many ways. we talked about a ton of stuff: young activist, the role of old wisdom in movement spaces, the power of being self-employed (especially as it connects to freedom and movement building), 45, cannibis meat rubs, hope in the younger generation of organizers, etc. we traded business cards and i hope i make time to reach out.

she was there with her “family” which i couldn’t ever tell if it was bio family or not. but two other black folks joined the table and all of us were just hanging out with all of them. there was a woman named cynthia and her eldest brother (whose name i kept fucking up and can’t remember how to spell). he was super hot. silver fox, for sure. said he had kids but definitely put out a queer vibe. smart, well-dressed, great hat, engaging. would smash (thx pheebs).

anyways, there’s probably more to talk about, but i gotta go get ready for work!


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