listening to the city: vibrating together

the past two days, i’ve been a part of the listening to the city conference that was co-hosted betwen colab, the design studio for social intervention, and la listens. similar to my experience at the bridging health & communities conference, i was surprisingly engaged with the content. there were a number of phrases that sort of blew my mind:

i’ll probably be reflecting on those and other thoughts/insights shared (or that i had) over the next few days.

something that shaw pong liu said during the opening conference session sort of blew my mind. paraphrasing:

making music together is vibrating together and that’s part of working towards understanding each other.

that string of ideas is amazing. all sound is vibration. making music together is vibrating together. vibrating together is learning how to be together and in sync. learning how to be together is good for our society. for shaw pong, making music together is one way to help our society by supporting people to learn how to be together.

mind. blown.

ps - there’s something here about audio work (radio, audio storytelling), too. podcasting and audio work is blowing up these days. i have a hunch that there’s something about the nature of that communication medium that has something to do with a desire to be more connected. the vibrational nature of audio just literally makes us feel more connected than reading text.

pps - one of the other presenters, daphne carr, in her session called muff the police talked about noise and showing the below chart (well, a different one, but i couldn’t find an easy link). i don’t really understand it, but the fact that this graph is about sound waves and has a line on it labeled ‘threshold for hearing’ makes me think about sound can literally be a feeling and how that relates to how we understand each other… hm! maybe for another post…

sound thresholds

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