evolutionary leadership: the journey to and from cortes island

evolutionary leadership is hosted at camp hollyhock on cortes island, bc, canada.

map of where cortes island in relationship to boston

before we even left, gibrán began telling us that the travel to hollyhock and cortes are part of the journey. it actually matters that it’s such a difficult place to get to. traveling to somewhere so remote makes the destination feel significant. it also makes the process of disentangling oneself from day-to-day activities because it’s necessary. traveling makes it harder to stay plugged in (although with wireless internet and spreading cellular service, it’s getting easier to stay plugged in perpetually).

my travel to cortes from boston looked like this:

#latergram. throwback to those tiny planes to and from #campbellriver. #campbellriverbc #evolutionaryleadership

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the entire journey took me two days and it actually felt important. i had time to slow down, unwind, and really start to focus on what was about to happen. it still wasn’t enough, imo, but i was really glad to have two days of transition instead of just one.

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