how i set up my calendly experiment

so i’m experimenting with calendly to help me figure out how to plan meetings with people. i literally hate playing the calendar game and it seems like that’s all i do these days.

it makes sense because i think the most interesting work these days must be done collaboratively. but the tools and cultural practices around doing collaborative work haven’t yet caught up with the needs of folks working that way. especially people who aren’t in the same organization(s).

anyway, so calendly. there’s lots to talk about here, but if you’re actually interested in using it, there is a lot you probably already know about how it works so i’ll skip the basics. what i think is the most interesting to share is how i set up my system to use it. i could write it all out in prose, but i think i’ll go bullet style because it keeps me feeling lighter on my feet (brain?). lol.

parts of my calendly set up

omg. that was so much more than i thought i’d write. gotta go. may add more later.

ps - shoutout to abraham lateiner. our convo the other day pushed me to write this post sooner than i had planned on.

pps - this ended up being a lot more prose than i anticipated. so much for the value of bullets, lol.

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