alternative futures: photo teleportation

i sat down and took a deep breath. was i ready? who knew. either way, i was about to find out.

i opened the text message and saw myself sitting on the tree. i recognized my pants, my hair, my shirt, and the book. and in just a split second i was back on cortes.

i could smell the air and feel the morning breeze.

i remembered the way i had to climb up the back of the tree.

i remembered that first day when i wore short sleeves and didn’t bring socks. the infuriating flies that landed on every exposed inch of my skin. the way i tried to focus through them. i tried and tried and just couldn’t.

i saw the sun rising over the rocks. i saw the bald eagles.

i felt the sand between my toes. i felt the (painful) rocks i had to hobble over to reach the water. i was back on cortes from just seeing the photo.

but then i blinked and was back in the present.

i couldn’t remember when i discovered this ability, but ever since i did, i really enjoyed using it. people used to always say that seeing photos took them back to the moment in the photo. when i explained in detail to my friends how it felt when i did it, i realized something was different.

i was literally transported back to the moment in time. i lost control of my body in the present and was fully reliving the past.

this is the beginning of the 250 words a day challenge that’s i’m participating in with a bunch of folks/friends/family/loves from the evolutionary leadership crew. i think i’m going to build a fictional world each day. not sure if the posts are going to be a different world each day or not. we’ll see.

inspiration: me on cortes island during evolutionary leadership 2017 words: 253

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