alternative futures: Listening

day 2: what i just learned about Listening

so i’m at this training center for hearers and i’m learning a ton.

yesterday, i met a more people than i thought possible who shared my skill, this crazy ability that apparently is called Listening. i just thought i had a super strong sense of hearing. and that’s true. but it’s so much more than that.

i got to know some folks who have been Listening for a long time and they’re pretty cool. one of our teacher, assira, who’s like 50 or something, is awesome. one time, she used her Listening to negotiate between two warring groups in our region. she totally stopped the conflict. rad, huh?

anyway, it’s evening now on the second day and they’re serious about us writing in these journals. i skipped yesterday and when my cabin counselor found out, they were super mad. so here i am writing today.

what did i learn today? that it matters a lot more than i had expected where i set up to Listen.

i used to notice sometimes that when our parents took us hiking, when we got to the top of mountains i could hear things from miles around. i thought that everyone was like that. but assira told us that when you’re really high up, the things you hear tend to be the lightest, most positive things that the airwaves are carrying.

on the other hand, when you’re at the bottom of valleys and stuff, those things you can hear are the heaviest, darkest things carried by the air.

i’m learning so much and it’s only been two days! i can’t believe i get to be here all summer!

this is post #5 of the evolutionary leadership 250 words a day challenge.


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