alternative futures: scrambled eye

content warning: this piece is a little violent. it’s not that descriptive, but if you don’t like sharp objects penetrating the human body, skip this post.

hey doc,

have you ever scrambled an egg with a fork? that’s pretty much what destroying his eyeball was like. yes, i was using a fork.

why? i don’t know. it’s what was around when we started fighting.

i know we’ve talked about my struggles with the way my dad treats my mom. well, things escalated pretty quickly yesterday at breakfast.

he said some shit to her and i just was not having it. i think i blacked out for a second and when i came to, all four of us (me, mom, dad, and bro) were standing on the cement front porch yelling. and i had my hand on a fork inside my dad’s eye cavity.

i think i threw up when it went in but the puke went all over him so it felt like adding insult to injury, you know?

anyway, after that somehow we all ended up in this weird “dance.” i was stumbling, crabwalking backwards on the lawn and dad was lumbering after me with one eye gone and the other one bloody, but working. i was yelling at him, he was yelling at me, and as he got too closer, my brother stepped in to make some space. he pushed my dad backwards to let me keep moving backwards. and then bro and mom were both standing in between me and dad.

i think at that point dad had had enough of the scene and he turned around to go back inside.

me, mom, and bro decided to go out for the rest of breakfast. dad was probably going to work on healing himself in the basement.

hopefully he’ll have the kitchen cleaned up by the time uncle and auntie come over for lunch. we haven’t gotten that violent in a while, but it is what it is, ya know? he was used to it by now.

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