why i take notes in a paper notebook

this past weekend i wrote a draft of the last essay of my book. feels good to have drafts of all 7 essays. they’re sloppy af, have many holes, and probably don’t make much sense, but they exist! now i just have five weeks until my august writing retreat to fill in the holes and prep to edit the whole thing. oh wow… i’m sidetracked super hard right now!

i brought up the book process because something came up in writing the draft that i hadn’t fully processed until then. it started last week in a conversation with kelly bates and then came out more fully processed during my weekend writing day.

the essay is on tools and i was writing up why i have both paper and digital todo lists. i spent most of my time writing about how my digital todo lists function, but there were three important insights that explain why i don’t have a completely digital system. in fact, i was all paper back in the day, then switched to completely digital, and now i’m in a ‘both/and.’

so why have i brought paper back into my system?

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