on what to do with tomato suckers (part 2 of hierarchy and linearity: overblown truths)

while trying to find a good image for yesterday’s post, i came across this link: how to root tomato suckers and grow new plants.

turns out, tomato suckers can be used to grow entire new tomato plants! it’s effectively cloning. now, cloning as a technique to perpetuate human life indefinitely is terrifying to me. but cloning plants that are still going to die at the end of the growing season seems kosher.

anyway, the process for getting a new tomato plant out of a sucker is to snip the sucker, stick it in water until it roots, and then put the new plant in soil. voila! just like that a new tomato plant.

rooted tomato suckers

harkening back to some of my thoughts yesterday, this seems like an immediate application of my desire to stop moving through the world with an inaccurate worldview and start working, living, and moving through the world in the way that it actually works. taking something that could damage the parent plant and using it to create even more plants seems like a win-win scenario (this sounds like some advice a few organizations i know could use… ha!)

as i think about, it also reminds me of one of the elements of emergent strategy: creating more possibilities. the idea there is that anything you do (assuming you want to move towards liberation) should create more possibilities, not fewer. this is important because it can shift the how of a particular activity; sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly.

anyway, non-linearity. yes yes yes.

interested in cloning tomatoes?

here’s how to do it even better.

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