writing out loud and ariadne's thread

a couple of months ago, i was chatting with spencer about writing and i articulated something about my daily writing practice that felt noteworthy. in a sense, this post could be an extension of the why i keep a public journal post.

so here’s the thing: i’ve found that when i write these daily posts, it sort of leaves a path through my own thinking. the writing is a trail that i can follow and look back over.

and because i write these posts briefly and usually without a significant edit, there are lots of open ends.

at this point, i have so many open ends that if i’m ever not sure about what to write, i could just look back, find an idea i wanted to bake out a little more, and do it (here, spence mentioned that this was similar to the ariadne’s thread method for problem solving) and even in that process, i would create more open ends.

now, not having anything to write about is sort of a moot point. i actually can’t imagine running out of new things to write about. i’m always generating or finding new things to write about. whether it’s conversation with people, listening to podcasts, reading books, or just thinking while walking from place to place, i’m always finding new things to add to my list of stuff to write about. more than once, spencer and i have said to each other that it feels like we could just write forever…

anyways, that’s it for now.

ps - all that said, i want to be careful and clear (with myself as well as everyone else) to not fall into the qwerty phenomenon with this. this reason for writing has come up after i began the practice; i didn’t start out thinking that this would happen. in hindsight, it’s a great addition reason, but it wasn’t an original driver.

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