the safe space spontaneous couple confession

so here’s a thing i’ve noticed that’s pretty hilarious. many of my friends are coupled. for some of these couples, i have independently relationships with each person. for others, i only know one of them through the other. i often hang out with these couple friends when they’re together, either as me plus them or in larger groups of couples and single people.

regardless of how well i know one or both of them, there seems to be this phenomenon of one person in the couple saying or sharing something to me or the entire group that their partner didn’t know. i call this the safe space spontaneous couple confession (ok, it needs a better name, but i’m working on it… if you have a suggestion, lmk!).

even in the last two months i can count something like five or six times where this has happened. some of the langauge sounds like:

i have one wonder about this which is why it seems so common? my current hypotheses are:

whether one or multiple of those things are true or if this happens because of something i don’t understand yet, it doesn’t seem like that problematic of a practice. at this point, i’ve come to enjoy when it happens. it’s usually funny and also helps me be supportive of my couple friends (am i sliding into monk territory?).

we’ll see if my relationship to this phenomenon changes as i learn more about it, though…

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