everyone needs a project over which they have agency

the other day i had dinner with my little (fratnernity) brother and we went back on an idea that i’ve been coming to believe more and more. he pushed me on it (which is something i appreciate about our relationship, we don’t let shit slide with each other) and it helped me clarify this idea into something i firmly believe now.

so what was the idea?

i think that everyone (yes, everyone) needs at least one project in which they have full autonomy.

i use the term project loosely and i think that could be anything from simply developing your own practice of something (meditation, drawing, swimming, etc.) to gardening to writing a book to running a 100 mile race and on and on.

a few points that came up in our conversation:

there’s more to say about this but gotta run for now. need to hit work early today!

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