the Trinity and the bodymindspirit

back in mid-july i had a great, wandering convo with a work colleague and one of the topics we discussed was the interrelated nature of reality. the latest research in several fields, including neuroscience and astrophysics, is pointing to one truth: nothing in the universe exists in isolation. everything is in relationship. subatomic particles, human identities, and more; these things all exist in relationship.

so at one point in this lane of our conversation, i shared that i had just started to learn (via reading on the internet (mostly via this person)) about the mindbodyspirit way of thinking about humans. i don’t yet know the origin of that thinking, but it seems compelling to me. somehow during our convo (and i can’t remember now if i said this out loud during the convo or if i had this thought afterwards) i made the connection between the mindbodyspirit and the concept of the Holy Trinity in christianity.

there was always such a gnashing of teeth back when i was in churchy spaces about how to deal with the Trinity. was God one? was God three? was God both? if so, how the fuck do you explain that to a child?

but now i’m starting to think that, though still complex, this idea actually does make sense. and, in fact, this makes these recent discoveries in astrophysics and neuroscience make sense. if the Trinity, the source of universe, is relationship, where Jesus, the Son, is the physical manifestation, then the Father and the Holy Spirit as nonphysical aspects totally parallels to the bodymindspirit situation.

am i going crazy? i don’t think so…

but maybe lol.

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