learning how to change my relationship to money

so this new connection/colleague/friend person i mentioned a few days ago (mariya) gave me another game to play. this one is about money (which i identified during our first session as something i wanted to work on).

when we met, did a couple of activities that were visualization exercises. based on as many different perspectives as possible, we tried to imagine what money “is.” well, first i did it with a chair to practice. then with money.

my takeaway from the exercise was, depending on perspective, a single object can be almost anything.

so the game mariya gave me was to think about money transfers as a transfer of energy. and to think about the energy transfer being connected to the reason the transfer is happening, not about the money itself. for example, when i get paid for coaching work, that’s someone giving me energy back that i gave them during a coaching session. or when i pay for food, that’s me giving energy back to the folks whose energy went into growing and preparing and serving the food to me.

it’s sort of trippy, but it’s been interesting so far.

it reminds me of a conversation i had with gibrán at evolutionary leadership, also about money. he basically posited that money is neutral, not evil. if money gets in the way of your values and ideals, it wasn’t really the money that had the problem…

and that reminded me a quote by seneca that i love:

He is a great man who uses earthenware dishes as if they were silver; but he is equally great who uses silver as if it were earthenware. It is the sign of an unstable mind not to be able to endure riches. — seneca, moral letters to lucilius, letter V: on the philosopher’s mean

so yea. working on my relationship to money. let’s see how this evolves over time…

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