brief update on intuition and money trainings

right now, i have two games/assignments/experiments) given to me by mariya (we’re bartering services with each other). here’s a quick update on each. note: this is one of those posts that is intended to help me process my thoughts. i think it’s interesting to do outloud/online, but it’s 98% for me.


this game is about reconceptualizing my relationship to money. for a long time, i thought money was the root of all evil. on the vast majority of days, i still do. and yet, it is a part of my life that isn’t going away (for now). so the game to play with myself was to see if, at every monetary exchange, i could re-imagine what is actually being exchanged.

money, at its core, is just a system of representation for value and values. sometimes, money buys me food and sustenance. other times it is a facilitator of time spent and stories shared. the game is to focus on that actual thing that’s being exchanged (the time and thinking and energy that earn the money for whatever purpose i’m exchanging it for) at the momen of exchange.

if i’m honest, i haven’t been doing this that much, but it’s mostly because i use my card all the time. i need to start more consciously thinking about this when i swipe my card. hopefully, me writing down this reflection will be a part of reminding me to do that.

intuition training

i’ve been winning this game like woah. every time i am confronted with a decision where i could decide based on logical rationality or my intuition, i remember mariya’s potent words from our last session: "this is a great opportunity to test how long you will continue making decisions in the old way." the old way is by analyzing and thinking versus following my intuition. almost every time i go with my intuition; it hasn’t seemed to fail me yet. i imagine there will be a balance, but it’s a great test to run repeatedly.

one new thing i’ve discovered in this game is that i’m verbalizing this process more. i’ve noticed myself saying more things like “well, my gut is telling me that…” or “my intuition is leading me towards…”

at the moment, i can’t think of specific moments of decision or me verbalizing me following my intuition, but it’s happening for sure. also, i’m way over time for this post! gotta get to work work work work work…

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