alternative futures: what to do with a ubi

note: this world was inspired by a convo with grant williams on 12 sept 2017.

“grey, do you think it’s possible, to get any of our old plans back from last year’s annual meeting?”

i sat back, closed my eyes, rummaged through my memory. as i walked around and queried the different databases to which i was attached, i couldn’t find anything.

“i don’t think so, k,” i said as i opened my eyes. “it seems like once google finally went down, they took all those ‘free’ files with them. ugh.”

karuma and i were leading our compound’s annual meeting and it was the part of the meeting where we were to decide what to do with our allotments. last year, the first allotment year, we had moved into my parents old triple-decker in cambridge and pooled our allotments. we went through an extensive brainstorm (on google docs) and listed out everything we each wanted and needed, priced it all out, and then came to consensus about how the spend the funds.

back in 2012 when we had national public healthcare, the pool of money would’ve gone far. but since we lost it under the pence (who took over after trump was removed/ran away from office), our collective funds just barely covered what it took to get everything set up and paid for for everyone.

now that it was our second year, we had made the downpayment on those systems for our crew and now we were going to have more flexible cash to spend.

but damnit it would be nice to not have to re-create that brainstorm and spreadsheet all over again. i guess that’s what we get for assuming that any corporation has anything other than its own interests at heart…

[part 2 coming… someday]

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