eating seasonally

earlier this week i went to go look up a blog post i could’ve sworn i wrote about eating seasonally, but i couldn’t find it. i realized that it wasn’t a blog post but a section i’d written in my book draft, heh.* #sweatdropemoji

anyway! the point is… eating seasonally is a thing i’ve been trying and learning to do for something like the past 7 or 8 years. i even almost made a seasonal calendar but the vision for it got too big before it could get off the ground. now i just use this seasonal foods calendar from farm fresh rhode island and check it weekly(ish).

digital sketch of my vision for a season food calendar web app digital sketch of my vision for a season food calendar web app

trying to eat seasonally has taught me a few things. first, that when i match my diet to what’s available, my body and schedule seem to follow. during the spring and summer things are warm and bright, the days are long, and there’s lots of colorful, sweet, juicy food. and my life gets pretty hectic. traveling, lots of social engagements, i’m home very little. i eat lots of salads and drink many cocktails.

but during the fall and winter, the food selection narrows. what’s available are things that can store for a long time, root veggies and squashes and whatnot. the days get shorter and colder and i slow down a lot. not quite to hibernation, but close. i constrict my social calendar (largely because i don’t want to be out in the cold) and i spend a lot more time at home. days are short. i eat a lot of soup and make a lot of bread and shift more towards beer and wine (though not always).

anyways, it’s interesting for sure. and i’m hoping that the lifestyle shift that comes with eating seasonally may help change up our culture of wanting all the food in every season. maybe if we didn’t culturally want strawberries in winter we’d find ways to farm them locally and stop destroying the planet with monoculture farming and the deforestation that comes along with it.

* i’m not totally sure what to do when things like this happen but i imagine this won’t be the first or last time i make this confusion. either thinking i blogged about something but it’s actually in the book or thinking something is in the book but it’s actually on my blog.

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