dropping in versus coming up

since coming back from the evolutionary leadership work, i’ve met with my peer evolutionary coach and new dear friend, jess taubner. so much love there. i’m continually surprised and excited by how excellent our peer coaching sessions are. we have good time for personal catch up, then (in turn) each share where we are with making progress on the projects we defined at the workshop back in hollyhock, and give each other questions and advice about how to keep moving forward. it’s excellent, but i should get back to topic because this post wasn’t intended to be about our coaching sessions (thanks, mindfulness!).

back during our july session, jess said something that i’ve heard a few times before, but had never had explained. i often use the phrase “what’s coming up for me…” when something appears in my consciousness in the middle of some other process. this most often happens when, during a conversation, i have a physical reaction to something someone said and a thought follows that i need to share. for example, when i was planning out a process with my friend grant yesterday, i was struggling with setting dates for something and what i said was this: “i’m having a hard time thinking about when to set these deadlines because what’s coming up for me is not yet knowing how much time and energy we’re expecting other people to commit yet.”

what jess prefers to say, though, is “what’s dropping in…” when we talked about it, what i remember was that “dropping in” came from a better place than “coming up.” i don’t think she used the phrase “more enlightened” but that’s sort of the sense i have of it. like… things that “come up” are fighting their way through some sort of resistance while things that “drop in” aren’t.

if i’m really honest, i’m not totally sure about the difference, if it’s just semantics, and if one is really better than the other. especially as i learning more and more about desire-based and embodied practice frameworks, the information that comes through body seems more and more important and so that “coming up” might be indicative of something really valuable, particularly when i feel things come up through my gut (intuition).

i’m definitely curious to keep exploring this, though… i should ask jess about it again.

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