alternative futures: i can see beneath the present

i am so tired of getting trouble for this.

so last night, i’m at the bar, right? minding my own business, drinking a cha cha cha, reading red mars, and trying to unwind from the week. i see this stunning bartender walk by and we make eye contact. locked eyes, even. i guess that gaze was so gripping that it made him walk funny. he hit his left foot on on a keg he had just put down and cursed.

i winced. he bent down to rub his toe and i said, “it’s ok. it’s not as bad as the other one was.”

i could see from his gait (because that’s just what my eyes do) that he had broken the big toe on his right foot at some point in the past. the way he walked and carried that foot made it pretty clear to me, though it’s not something that would be clear to the average person.

“what?” he responds.

“i said, it’s not as bad as the other one was. you broke your other big toe at some point, right?”

“uhhh… yea, but how the fuck did you know that?”

shit. i couldn’t even cover this one up well. sometimes i see signs things of things in the present that happened in the past and can cover up the insight with a story that most people could have put together. but this time, i was just way out in left field.

so what did i say?

“um. i just have been coming in here for a while and watching you and i remember you limping.”

“dude. that’s weird. get the fuck out or i’m calling my boss.”

in trouble yet again for seeing too much. yet another bar taken off my list of places to chill. damn.

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