alternative futures: what to do with a ubi (part 5)

continued from (part 4)

shea’s journal cont’d

there’s clearly no need on earth anymore to have people whose job it is to wander, but with all this mars action, maybe he’d see that as an opportunity and go there to survey.

but i bet even if he didn’t find a way to incorporate surveying for money into his life, he’d find a way to wander. maybe he’d still work the same six weeks but as a management consultant or something to earn cash for the year. and then, living frugally, he’d spend the rest of his year writing and getting to know his region. he’d hike and maybe take buses all over new england to get to different mountains and valleys and whatnot. he’d still find his way into transcendalism, respecting nature and the role of humans within it.

so why don’t i just do that? maybe my parents would understand. i feel like people always think folks like thoreau are weird when they’re alive, but once it becomes clear what they really spend all their time doing their contributions, they look a lot less weird and a lot more important.

i could literally just take on two projects for two months and make enough to afford a cheap lifestyle for the rest of the year. and even if things happened to go rough, mom and dad will definitely support me, so i’ll be fine either way (which is a luxury even thoreau didn’t have). i’m pretty lucky on that front i think.

what’s stopping me? i guess just myself… so maybe it’s time to stop stopping myself.

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