alternative futures: what to do with a ubi (part 9)

continued from (part 8)

sian’s journal

i really wish my parents weren’t making me watch this crap and i really wish i had a holohelm. the rest of my raid crew had helms so even though they were sitting in the room with their parents “watching the debate” they were really dual-screening and collecting a bunch of dope gear while the server was underpopulated. UGH! the. worst.

the whole state had basically come to a standstill to watch the tri-branch debate which was supposed to be a particularly big deal this year. dad and pa seemed extra tense this time even though big stuff had happened before the debate. a few years ago when cities were declared sovereign and the network of mayors replaced congress… that one was pretty nuts. but somehow this one felt different.

as the three of us sat and watched the three branches process into the arena. it was pretty epic to see each branch, dressed up with all their experience patches and everything. the head of each branch was pretty interesting given the takeover. the head of the executive branch had been in the position for like 50 years or something and so her robe sleeves where basically totally covered with the 3-inch silver-fabric bars that each marked a year of experience. but the crazy thing was that the heads of the judicial and legislative branches didn’t have any bars.

as the heads sat down at the desk with 3 chairs and their huge councils sat down in the wooden bleachers behind them, the room got very quiet and the announcer holo appeared in the center of the table.

“good evening good people of the good republic of boston. tonight we will discuss and decide…”

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