kuumba lynx on transformative spaces

lately i’ve been feeling the pull to do more and more healing and trauma work. i know in some ways it feels like the hot thing, but i think it’s for really good reasons. in fact, i would say necessary reasons. i’m beginning to believe that a system’s capacity to deal with trauma and heal is (or is at least directly proportional to) its capacity to grow. more on that in other posts…

anyway, in a recent episode of vs, jacinda bullie and darius parker from the chicago-based youth-development program/org, kuumba lynx, were on and they talked in detail about what a transformative space is. i was so struck by their words that i listened to the section again and tried to write down what i thought were key points. what i gathered was that transformative spaces:

there is so much more to explain here and even more i want to know about this organization and its thinking and being. i’m gonna google them for sure, but i can think of several organizations that need to have conversations involving things like the above. thank you, franny, danez, jacinda, and bullie.

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