trying on "meaningless slaughter remembrance week" and "meevenings"

just felt like i wanted to share two things i’ve picked up in the past few weeks from other people that i love and am trying on.

wanton slaughter remembrance week

i found this conservative blog post while looking for a good rename of thanksgiving (given that its modern-day meaning is constructed mostly falsely). the post is clearly satirical, but the name for thanksgiving was so good that i figured i’d just adopt it wholesale. it actually is perfect and so why do any more digging?

since adopting it, i’ve shifted mostly to ‘meaningless’ in place of ‘wanton’ because wanton is a little less accessible than ‘meaningless.’

mevenings (pronounced ‘meev-nings’)

caroline howe said this to me during 3h project night this past week and it’s amazing. i’d been using the term ‘masturdate’ (like masturbate) as a term for a solo date (i think i first heard that from harvey abaya). i’ve only used it once, but i’m about to lean into it hard in 2018.

so yea… mostly just wanting to leave myself a paper (electron?) trail. thanks y’all.

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