flash fiction: my son is a vampire

preface: the comment my dad made below is real. this story is a little experiment in taking things from my actual life and turning them into weird worlds.

“kree, i’m getting a little a worried.”


“get this. yesterday my dad says ‘i swear i’ve had so much blood drawn that they must be feeding vampires or something!’”

kree’s jaw dropped open and hung there.

“i know, right? i was pretty shocked, too. he’s been going to a lot of doctor’s lately for some weird medical issues he’s having, but i think the Dox are getting a little greedy.”

“ya think?! yea, they should know better than to bleed someone every time they come in. it should be an every other visit thing at most. ugh. ok, let me talk to my uncle and see if i can’t get him to make them slow down. he’s knows all the Dox in your dad’s area of the country.”’

“thanks, man. i’d appreciate it. i really need him not to actually figure out what’s happening until he’s got that will written up, ya know?”

kree nodded and we both stretched our arms downward to get ready to fly home. it was 537a, sunrise was in 12 minutes, and it’s always so miserable to get caught.

i unhooked my feet first and fell out of the cave opening. the hole was just big enough for a football. how we found this particular cave i don’t remember but we’d had to practice falling and transforming repeatedly in order to make it such a smooth exit. transforming itself came pretty naturally once we hit puberty but to transform from human to bat in motion was a skill we had to develop. i was proud of how much progress i’d made.

kree’s last words as he morphed snapped me out of my self-congratulation daydream.

“don’t forget to try to get him to draft that fucking will this weekend. all that blood of his won’t be worth anything if he doesn’t give you the goods, too!”

i flapped off and made space for kree to fall out and start heading home, too. hopefully i’d have good news for him when we met up next week.

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