commitments for 2018

during my reflection retreat, as i was reviewing my calendar and how i spent my time, there are many commitments i realized i wanted to make. commitments that, if implemented, would help me live more in line with my values and achieve more of my goals. and really, just be more of the person i am / am trying to become (so that i can be of the deepest value to myself and to my communities).

these could be thought of as new year’s resolutions… but that frame is so played out that i don’t even want to use it. instead, i’m going to call these my commitments for 2018.

i’m going to commit to building them in over the course of the year. because one of the biggest downfalls in trying to build new habits or commitments is taking on everything all at once. it makes it hard to achieve any of them *and it makes it likely that once you fail with one, you’ll give up on all the others. i’m going to take on just a few/month and see if i can get to them all by dec 31.

also, many of these will be developed via practice (practice practice). they’re all aspirational and i reserve the right (to myself) to renegotiate these at any time lol.

anyway, here’s the (almost) full list. i might keep some detail here about i’m going to stage them, but i’ll more than likely end up doing that on my new website… ^_^

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