dcc: simple explanation of the feminine and the masculine

the other day, danielle and i were talking about the way i’d handled a situation, and she shared a simple understanding of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

“the masculine is about doing and the feminine is about being.”

i’ve been in a couple of conversations with different sets of friends lately, searching for clean understandings of these. nothing i’d come across was a straightforward as this.

if i’m honest, i don’t actually have that much to write about this statement. i just feel like i need to learn into it for a while.

i definitely believe that all humans have masculine and feminine energy in them. and it’s important for them to be in the right balance. i wonder if the balance is different for different people, though… or is that a societal construction?

if i think about myself, i definitely lean hard on the “doing” parts of me. i know how to be and feel and support, for sure. but the doing is what i feel most accomplished at.

what does it mean for me to explore and keep in balance the divine masculine and divine feminine in me always? and is that something that is possible “on my own” or must it be in relationship with one other person? with multiple other people in my community?


ps - i did find this post (Divine Balance-The Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine) while writing this up. interesting (but like… who is this person???)

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