jamaal may on vs: part 3

even more epic thoughts from jamaal may on vs (continued from yesterday:

humanity is like a comet

this metaphor (around 21 mins) fully blew my mind. may said that humanity is like a comet. if you want to see what’s happening on the front end of us, look at scientists. and if you want to see what’s happening at the backend, look at politics. and what’s crazy is that some folks don’t even recognize that we’re all on the same comet.

so. fucking. accurate. what our people are doing in different areas of work and life are SO different. it’s unreal that some people are so far ahead and others folks are so far behind/in the past.

intelligence and hierarchy are incompatible

i think may was quoting someone else, but either way, this line was great. “intelligence and hierarchy are incompatible.” in a fully intelligent world, hierarchy is unnecessary. it makes sense to me, deeply. hierarchy is only required where some are either actually or perceived to be unintelligent and incapable of making good decisions. which explains why there is so much hierarchy. hierarchy is incompatiable with an intelligent world. people don’t need to be over one another; everyone just needs to have their own domain(s). this is what we should be working towards.

drumming circles are an ancient technology

drumming circles are an ancient technology for getting humans synced up and tuned up. turns out that some research may cited came to the conclusion that there is a common frequency for a majority of drumming circles (4hz maybe?). and, just like singing in tune or tuning a violin, drumming circles are actually just a way to put entire bodies in tune with each other.

additionally, concerts are so pleasurable because they turn our bodies into a resonator cavities.


the way may thinks about sound is fucking nuts.

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