day care center for immigrant and refugee children needs website

this is a message from a new connection, liz, who is working to get some help for a friend of hers, geraldine. if you're interested, email me: lqb @ alum . mit . edu

Geraldine moved to the U.S. from Tanzania with a masters degree in education. She has 5 children and she’s found that, in the immigrant and refugee communities she’s a part of, a number of women will band together to watch each other’s children while they work. While caretaking for one another these children are not being educated. They are just getting care, which is good, but it is creating a gap in literacy, culture, integration, and education as they transition into local schools. When many of them enter school at age 5, it’s the first time they’re being exposed to English and English curriculums (most of the women staying home to watch the kids are illiterate themselves).

Geraldine is working towards opening a day care in Manchester. She wants to to provide a curriculum and register with the state to ensure that the children in the community get the levels of care, quality, and education that they deserve.

I am able to relate to this as my mother stayed home with me until age 5. I entered the schools in Lawrence, MA, barely speaking any English and needing a translator until the 2nd grade…

Geraldine has applied for a $1,000 grant to help her with paying for filing documents, but she doesn’t think she will get it.

She’s looking for pro bono assistance with launching her website and as I hope to serve as a resource myself. I can offer my professional skills as a financial counselor to anyone who is willing to help Geraldine.