part 1: quandry with my own blackness

preface: this is a topic i feel a lot of resistance writing about, but as i move through the world towards the work that i sense in mine to do, it's becoming increasingly impossible to avoid it. in fact, i would say that the sensations i'm feeling are indicating that this is part of the work i need to be doing right now.

beyond a shadow of a doubt, i believe that we are all intimately, inextricably woven together. from meg wheatley’s thinking on quantum entanglement as it relates to the workings of our species and the universe, to revelations that have come through my time in the evolutionary leadership community, to erykah badu and lauryn hill’s music (everything is everything), to that favorite mlk quote of mine about the fabric of destiny().

what’s uncomfortable is my blackness. i feel much more comfortable in visionary modes/spaces. and given that i understand race is constructed, i struggle in spaces that are black to the point of black supremacy and white hate. working towards black liberation (what i call separatism but might not actually be separatism as referred to by other people) with only black folks doesn’t make logical sense to me. if i’m to be free, we all have to be free; if black people are to be free, all peoples have to be free. and i don’t understand how to understand whether or not the work i’m doing is moving towards freedom for all people if i don’t intimately know those people. because, when it comes down to it, black is a category that was created to support division and subjugation. and so i want, eventually, blackness to not be a reason for separation from other, but a reason to move towards and with folks across difference in our quest for the liberation of our species.

[to be continued…]

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