the tyranny of doodle

doodle, when2meet, whenisgood. this week i have filled out at least five digital scheduling tools. i also made three and felt guilty about it. obviously the intention is to help people meet so they can move forward whatever it is they’re trying to move.

but i think i’m actually approaching doodle exhaustion.

i noticed it the other day when someone else volunteered to make the doodle to schedule our group’s next meeting. i felt visceral relief and then stress that i was going to have to do be on the other side, filling it out at some point.

i have a couple of thoughts about what i think is happening here:


all that’s a long way of saying i’m pretty fucking annoyed with filling out doodles. i am beginning to develop a negative reaction to even the idea of them. and once that happens, the tool will have lost it’s power because i’ll just stop doing them.

what to do, though? who knows.


ps - this is also deeply connected to being in too many meetings, but that’s a post for another day…

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