black history/futures: edge rider: part 2

it's feb! that means it's black history/futures month. my goal is one flash fiction story every day. all stories from the month here.

edge rider: part 1

the information just started flooding in.

for a two day weekend visit, the traveler carried a huge bag. left shoulder held lower than the right shoulder but both shoulders raised high and tensed without knowing. short, shallow chest breaths. only momentary eye contact.

already reneus was thinking of and gathering medicines and allies to partner with. for the over-preparation, simxi leaves; for the shoulder tension, tea from kaya roots; for the shallow breathing, lying meditation practice with a visit from his ancestor, yehzu; and eye gazing for building strength and courage for the eye contact.

he could tell that the visitor expected him to say something. it was actually quite fun to watch the visitors sit in their own expectations. for many of them, it was the first time they were confronted with their own internal expectations made so visible.

they walked and breathed and reneus took in the sunlight and felt the discomfort in his guest began to wane.

they came to the river. this river cut through the land reneus was tending at the moment. his daily walk involved a trip to it for prayers, offerings, and to gather drinking and cleaning water.

the large clearing he had built over time was big enough for two people to sit in. he removed part of his shawl and laid it on the ground. the cleanliness of the guests’ pants made it clear that he would appreciate the makeshift blanket.

reneus sat facing the water and his guest followed. eyes focused intently on the water, reneus spoke for the first time in the hour the two had been together.

“welcome friend, what is it you seek, here?”

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