black history/futures: preparations

it's feb! that means it's black history/futures month. my goal is one flash fiction story every day. all stories from the month here.

circle was five days away but i knew if i didn’t start preparing now, i’d regret it later.

i learned from my teachers, many years ago, that you need to prepare double. and you can do that preparation circularly (energetically, that is) or in linear time, but you have to put in twice as much as it needs to do it well.

unpreparation is an awful thing. the first time i held circle i wasn’t ready. i thought i could just do it. i was invited in to a group that needed some energy released and i knew i was capable. but i hadn’t prepared.

i opened up a can of worms that i wasn’t at all prepared to hold. well welcome energies and ancestors that i wasn’t ready to work with and things got messy fast. two people had breakdowns from which i couldn’t bring them and three people are now no longer talking to each other. five people did feel like they had some energy released and actually ten people said they needed to be in that room even though it was different than they expected.

so it wasn’t all bad. but i learned my lesson hard and immediately: get. yourself. ready.

circle was to begin on friday and here i was, monday morning, beginning to prepare myself to hold for a whole weekend.

i was starting with a four hour walk through the forest around my home. getting grounded, literally and spiritually, i had been taught was the first step (heh). tonight i would begin calling in my own ancestors and energies. tomorrow i would begin to summon the energies of the participants, calling them forward even before they began their travels to me. wednesday would be herb and water preparations. thursday, preparing the physical space for circle and the room for futuring. and friday would be sweet sleeping and meditating until they arrived around 8p.

i was gonna do things differently this time for sure…

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