life is to be lived. this time. now. not later.

over the weekend, something became very clear to me and it came to me through metaphor.

i was journaling and the thoughts were flowing fast. at a certain point, i realized that the thoughts were flowing faster than i could keep up with. and then it occurred to me that my work during this particular journaling session wasn’t to relive the entire experience of the journaling session. the point was to leave myself breadcrumbs so i could follow the path i took during the session.

i wrote a little more and then put the pen down.


where do breadcrumbs come from?


and bread is meant to be eaten.

in fact, you can’t leave for later. it gets moldy and then inedible. the best thing to do with bread is to eat it while it’s good.

and if you want to leave something behind for the future, leave breadcrumbs. leave a way for people to see that there was bread, but that trace is what’s being left behind, not the bread itself.

and then it landed: bread = life = experience.

as i integrate more and more seven generations thinking, i see that this life is to be lived and i want to pass along traces of it to the future. but i cannot pass forward my life or the answers i’ve found that work for me or my experience wholesale (and i’m already seeing, like with young folks and finstagrams or not getting on facebook at all, that the next generations won’t even want what we have. so i can let that go, full stop!).

all i can pass on are breadcrumbs.


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