2018 moon practice

i’m writing this post up for my friend, abraham, but i know that writing for an audience of one is the best way for me to get stuff shipped.

this is a full moon practice that i used for the final six moons of 2018 and it was like 50% from another friend, leo. leo learned it from somewhere but exactly where i’ll have to ask and bring back to this post in an update.

ok enough preamble! here goes. first, some partially filled in examples of the two types of pages i used. then the explanation.


new moon

so on or around the new moon (within 3 days on either side, depending on how my schedule is), i sit with my tarot deck and my notebook.

i meditate and then do a past-present-future tarot spread using the inquiry question, “what do i need to be paying attention to this moon cycle?”

then i create categories for my wheel of life (shout out to infinite growth). i make up the categories every time and so sometimes they were different. but over the course of months, i noticed patterns and found sets of categories that i liked a lot. here’s a list of the all ones i used (but only 8 each month):

i would then set 1 or 2 goals for the moon cycle for each category. setting goals at the moon cycle scale, about 4 weeks, allowed me to take some of the goals i set in my annual reflection process (which i’m realizing now i never wrote about my 2019 reflection! gotta start doing that) and break them up into more manageable pieces.

full moon

then on the full moon, i would draw one tarot card holding the query “what do i need to focus on for the rest of this moon cycle?”.

i would then do two things with my wheel of life. first, i would redraw it with the same sections and fill in how full/fulfilled i felt in each section. second (and somewhat disconnected from the level of fullness assessment), i would write on the outside of the circle how i was doing on the goals i set for each section. +s meant i had made progress and -s meant i hadn’t.

then i’d meditate and close the practice.

and then…

rinse, wash, repeat for the next moon cycle. it was a lovely practice for 2018. i still do parts of it now, but i’m actually testing out a new practice with a friend this year. more on that later…

ps - march’s full moon is coming up! the moon will be in libra in case that’s your thing to pay attention to (it’s becoming mine… >_>).

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