alternative futures: holostone - part 1

flynn: mama, can we call gunky? i found something in his old journal that i want to ask him about.

doeree: of course, baby. make sure you bring the water and the palo santo, too.

flynn walks over the family altar. they grab the holostone, the bottle of water, a stick of half-burned palo santo, and the lighter. they place the stone on the ground and pour water on the sand floor around the stone in a circle. flynn’s mother holds the flame to the sacred wood and shakes it out when it’s hot enough to summon their ancestor.

flynn: GUNKYYYYYY!!! where are you today??!?!?!

in the air above the stone, a hazy green figure slowly appears.

uncle: hello, dear one. how are you today?

flynn: i’m ok. where are you coming from?

uncle: well, when you called i was inhabiting a tree in the east of turtle island. trees are SO fascinating. i can’t wait for you to experience that someday. why did you call, flynnie? you never call without a reason.

flynn looks sheepishly at mama.

flynn: i saw something in your journal that i wanted to ask about.

uncle looks over at his sister. she shrugs and sends a knowing look. “you did this to me.”

flynn: i saw that in one of your journals at one point there were 10 billion on earth! but there are so few of us now… what happened?

uncle: ah. you’ve stumbled into something big, sweetheart. are you sure you’re ready for this? it’s heavy.

flynn: i can hold it. i’ve been practicing.

uncle: ok. well, flynnie, back in my day there was something called cancer…

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