processing my anger

as a part of my spiritual formation work this year, i’ve been exploring all of my feelings. including my anger.

anger is a funny thing for me for many reasons:

and i know i experience anger from time to time. i just have mostly suppressed it.

but as i do the internal work that is necessary for the development of my spiritual leadership, i’ve had to start tapping into and intentionally exploring my anger.

last month, i brought a reflection to my formation group and it was super helpful! here are a couple takeaways from the conversation:

there’s obviously so much more to explore here but i just wanted to drop these few thoughts here because they’re important.

i also feel like it’s important to say that our group facilitator, djalóki, gave me congralutations on three fronts (none of which i was expecting). he said congrats for:

1. committing to feeling your anger
2. for actually feeling it, and 
3. and for processing it


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