resisting fomo

last week, my friend casper and i had a really similar response to the same stimulus. as someone who notices patterns, i felt like it was really important to write about it so asked him and here we are!

the stimulus: an invitation to an event that has high potential to be awesome.

our responses:


this is cool
argh but i need more time for life
but something cool might come of it
yeah but cool things will come from my life too


sounds DOPE but I am committing to choosing myself more these days and need to say no to new formations of things, even though I’ll probably be mad later if something cool comes out of the gathering!

honestly, i think his response has one step up on mine, which is that final affirmation: “yeah but cool things will come from my life too”. but we’re definitely still in the same lane.

my intention for this lunar cycle (s/o lunar liberation by sandra kim!) is “be patient with myself as i get in right relationship with time.” as i reflect on that (we’re already past first quarter moon!) i think so much of my bad relationship with time is about fomo. i commit to things even when my gut is telling me no. my two primary reasons for this are (a) fear of letting other people down but also (b) fear of missing out on important things/moments/work.*

the mind trip about all of this is that i deeply believe flow gives us access to non-linear time. but in order to have time for flow, i have to create large blocks of uninterrupted time. and the only way to do that is to stop overcommitting. which means saying no more. which means i’ll have “less” to do and therefore be able to do/have “more” in my flow time.

idk if that was clear but… if it was… wild, right?

* also industrial capitalism.

ps - idk exactly how i feel about the jomo thing happening since last year, but it seems like a good start!

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