sci-fi generator (af28): Link - part 3

this story is being written for the af28 collaborative sci-fi generator.

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“Wow. Well I guess that’s that!” Noh smirked.

“Ugh.” I couldn’t believe it. The house agreed with Noh!

“Ok,” I said. “I’m still going to go check in with the nurseries up north.”

Noh rolled his eyes. “Do whatever you want. But tomorrow he’s Linking and I’m going to be here for it.”

Shai sighed as Noh got to his feet. She looked at me with eyes I couldn’t quite read.

“See you in the mooooornning,” Noh said as he stepped out the front door and the house sealed up behind him.

“I’ve got to get on the phone. Gey isn’t around, right?”

Shai nodded.

I got up and walked to the office, defeated. I picked up the Landline and sat down at the desk. The soft vibration of the phone line moved down through the house, into the ground, and then zipped away to the north. a, please pick up, I thought to myself.

“Wow! Long time no hear, Siig.”

“Listen, brother. You’ve done a bunch of Repair & Healing cycles, right?”

“Plenty. What’s up?”

“Well, I think my nephew has strong addictive tendencies and he Links tomorrow for the first time. What can you tell me?”

“Oh… that’s um… well…”

My heart sank a bit.

“That’s well what?”

“Well, you know what we do with the addicts. They’re super useful to the Geome networks but their families are almost never ok with what happens next… some bodies just take a lot more to be satisfied. And to whom much is given, must is expected in return…”

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