remembering my eloquence

last week, i had the honor of participating in the gathering (aka wedding or marrying) of two people who are extremely dear to me. one of my closest friends and her partner: let’s call them j & b. the reason i’m writing is to remember something that happened that i have already been trying to downplay.

at the beginning of the ceremony, j’s friend (let’s call her a.p.) opened and spoke first. a.p. is unbelievably well spoken and polished. she has been a city councilor and now is a member of congress. i spoke after her and, though i wasn’t nervous, i did think she was going to be much more well-spoken than i was. i even made a comment at the beginning of my section to that effect.

what i want to write down and remember here is that several people (at least 5) said to me afterwards that i was just as eloquent as ap was!

this was/is hard for me to hear! even as people were saying it to me, i downplayed the positive feedback.

but good ole danielle, looking out for me as she always does, said i should just remember to take the words at face value. people thought i could effectively share stage-space (at least during a wedding ceremony) with a.p.!

here’s to remembering!

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