new book borrowing policy

earlier this week, i was with kalia, marty, and their child, iona, and a funny moment happened that i think is worth sharing.

i was asking marty if could borrow a book of his. kalia gifted it to him but he hadn’t read it yet and he threw out “you can borrow it as long as you give me a summary when you’re done.” and then, seamlessly without missing a beat, kalia jumped in and said “well wouldn’t that a good policy for whenever someone borrowed a book.”

i vigorously agreed! i was really down to agree because:

  1. i already have a practice of summarizing books when i finish them. see my archive of that here.
  2. me and leo are building an archive of my book highlights. for now the folder is over here in basic google docs format but we have dreams for bigger… imagine a website that shows all the notes and then links ideas across books. ^_^

anyway, i think this is a practice i can definitely commit to and now really want to!

oh, i also started an “on-loan” shelf on goodreads. it contains books i’m borrowing as well as books that other people are borrowing from me. i used to have a little personal library system on index cards back in elementary and middle school which is how i kept track of my books but i left it fall off (because i was like 12 lol). anywho, bringing it back now! if you have a book of mine, lmk. :)

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