"i got hired and then doubted until i got fired"

so this is a pattern that i’m writing about because three different people have randomly mentioned it in conversation with me in the past few weeks and i’ve also experienced some parts of it myself.

the situation:

person 1 is perceived as an expert or leader in z field or material. person/organization 2 sees this about person 1 and hires them to bring their thinking about z to the team. in subsequent meetings and conversations, person/org 2 questions or doubts most ideas person 1 has. person 1 confused but thinks they’re maybe not seeing things clearly so person 1 begins to make more explicit their history and expertise in z field. during presentations and explanations, person 1 shares more evidence and data about z. person/org 2 expresses they feel like they are being talked down to and told what to do. person 1 is stunned. person/org 2 decides after some more time working together that they can do z better on their own. they fire or do not re-hire person 1. person 1 is shook.

why does this happen? can anyone explain? 🤔

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