on the darkening days of media lab (a slant corporate sellout story)

so jeffrey epstein money has been tied to the media lab. joi just stepped down. zuck and visiting scholar j. nathan matias stepped down last week.

honestly, i really just want to use this moment to rant about my own personal perspective on the media lab’s downfall. this is a pure rant and, while some parts of it i think are connected to bigger societal topics, you certainly needn’t read this post if you’re not looking for a good rant. you have been warned.

some years ago, i started noticing how tools that i loved would often slowly be destroyed by capitalist forces, things like show about race and simple. well, i have also been watching the media lab take the same sad sad trajectory. and today, with joi ito, the director, stepping down amid a scandal revolving around the media lab taking money from the late sex trafficker, jeffrey epstein, i think the graph just took another sharp downward turn.

i’ll keep it to bullets so i don’t go on forever about this but here’s my perspective:

the privatization of space follows very similar patterns every time. it starts with the money (often unseen and unannounced) and winds up in increasingly large visual/aesthetic signals.


ps - i could be totally wrong about all this. pps - the term ‘corporate sellout’ is starting to feel a little flat but i’m not totally how to add a little more nuance while keeping at least some of the directionality of the phrase… hm!

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