pro-tip: take all your apps off your home screen

team. this is HOT off the presses. yesterday, maureen and i were working on 2020 vision and she showed me the best hack since i learned how to turn my screen to black and white: you can take all the apps off your home screen.

i am willing to change iphone 7 background

note: the above is almost what my phone screen looks like. you can’t actually take screenshots in black and white so just trust that what i see is actually in grayscale, not color.

maureen is one of the most proficient minimalists i know. i even paid her to help me tidy (konmari style) my room. the fact that she figured this out on the phone doesn’t surprise me. but this tip is already changing my life.

i just did it last night and already i counted ten times where i unlocked my phone… and then just closed it.

what freedom.

thanks, maureen.

ps - if you’re thinking about registering for 2020 vision, we have 4 or 5 slots left and tomorrow is the last day to get the early bird discount ($100 off!).

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