winter inspirations: learning from trees and hummingbirds

this winter, i am learning from the wisdom of trees and hummingbirds. as i continue to deepen my practice of putting my life back in tune with the planet, i am watching and learning from these two life forms and seeing what i can learn. below is what i’ve learned and am now practicing.


observation: (reminded of this by dcc) after dropping all their leaves, trees shift energy to their roots. sap, the literal life force of trees, moves from the branches down to the roots. that’s where the work is in the winter; underground, hidden, dark, deep in the earth.


observation: many birds fly south for the winter. hummingbirds do it in the extreme. in the fall, many hummingbirds feed heavily on one of nature’s sweetest foods, nectar, and then fly thousands of miles to warmer climates for the winter.

will add to this as i learn over the season (which ends on march 19, 2020).

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