solo date night

2019 taught me a lot about self-care. my current self-care routine (which i spent a lot of time and energy figuring out) looks like:

i’m writing today about my solo date night practice because it came up several times at 2020 vision and i realized i’ve never written about it before (or if i have, it’s been a while).

i can’t remember what exactly made me adopt this practice, but i can think of two places it’s come up before: 1. my friend, harvey (from cbva) used to talk about masturdating; and 2. artist dates are a practice in the artist’s way by [insert author].

two years ago, i experienced a breakthrough around spending time with myself just like i spend time with cuties or friends. i book hangs with other folks weeks in advance… why don’t i do the same for myself??? am i not just as valuable as other people? (and, of course, the truth is that most people in my community (you know, those of us deeply working towards social justice and liberation) are conditioned to place others over ourselves).

so my solo date night practice looks like this:

there’s more to share, but, like most of the time when i’m morning writing, i gotta get on with my morning. thanks for listening! <3

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