did you know you can tell amazon to ship your packages plastic-free?

my dear friend, jaco, sent me this from one of his meditation communities. h/t to alexandra c. for sharing the below message:

I recently came across a way to change account settings on Amazon in order to ensure plastic-free packaging and thought it was important to share.

I am sharing this as a lot of friends or people at work that i talked to did not even know that this is an option.

The process is a bit unintuitive but if you would like to get plastic-free packaging, here is what you can do:

  1. Open your Amazon account
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Help’
  3. Under ‘Browse Help Topics’ select ‘Need More Help?’ > ‘Contact Us’
  4. Use their ‘Chat’ option
  5. On chat, request to make all future orders plastic-free with minimal packaging and where absolutely necessary use only degradable packaging materials like paper
  6. This information will be noted and saved to your account for all future orders

It will take you 5 minutes on the chat to make all your future Amazon orders plastic free! You might sometimes get a customer care person who is unaware of this option. You can restart a chat with a different person or escalate the issue to a phone call, a customer rep on the phone should also be able to make this change on your account. There is still a possibility that they will ship a few items in plastic packaging, but it is a great way to make them hear what consumers want.

I hope you will find this helpful, part of my practice it’s just to spread the word, always keeping the loving-kidness.