video dinners during the days of physical distancing (and social strengthening)

so i know there are lots of people coming up with all sorts of interventions in these days where we are being encouraged to physically distance ourselves from one another. many of these are large scale things and many of them are super fun.

that said, i personally have very limited energy for large group interactions. i rarely if ever do large group things.

what i have been a lot more of during these days is 1on1 video dinners. it’s a pretty simple practice. pick a time, have your food (and drank of choice - alcoholic or non) ready, and then hop on a video call and eat dinner together. i’ve had like four of these and they’re a little weird at first but honestly, really great. if you haven’t tried it out and you’re into 1on1 connecting with folks, do itttttt.


me and allentza having dinner and a drink on saturday night

ps - i know this isn’t a new idea. still wanted to write about it because while giant dance parties are great, sometimes i just wanna have dinner and a glass of wine and that’s great, too.

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