covid-19: balance is a dance

inspired by many pandemic check-ins with friends

moving through these weeks of pandemic has been wild. on saturday i talked with both emet and abraham (separately) and we discussed our past weeks of navigating these pandemic days of change and balance and right-sizing things. in my mind, the generalized experience is kind of like this:

first, the world is stable and you are trucking along in your regular processes. balanced.


and then the world shifts and you are off kilter. so you do things to try and return to balance. eventually, you find it.

and then the world shifts in another way and you’re off kilter again.

but then you rebalance and come back to center.

repeat ad nauseam.

and then, after all the phone calls, it became clear to me that the way to balance is actually a dance.

the end.

ps - this, like many insights arriving in pandemic, is not new or news. it just so happens that pandemic makes things that were already true more pronounced.

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