covid is revealing things that have always been true: a mystic perspective

something i have taken to saying often since the covid pandemic has hit is “everything has changed and nothing has changed.” what i mean by this is that, yes, this global pandemic is a new thing. and everything it is revealing has always been true. some examples:

linear time is a construction

ways i hear other people speaking to this truth:

the future is uncertain

we are all connected

capitalism isn’t working

there is SO much more to write here but my ten mins is up so i’m gonna keep it moving to my next post.

my intention my writing this post isn’t to be callous, though i can imagine this coming off that way. my reason for writing this is to just say that though this global pandemic is new, the shit that’s coming up is not. and i think that what that means is that how we handle this moment and reconfigure our lives both now and in the future will determine how many of those fundamental truths we truly embed into the constructions of our world(s).

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