lovenote from a future beyond gender

in honor of the black trans folx whose lives were cut short in may/june 2020: riah milton, tony mcdade, rem'mie fells, nina pop, helle jae o'regan.

hello, our ancestral loves.

the day is coming soon when you will release the cages that you were given called ‘gender.’ (well, all the cages are gone now, but i know that might be disorienting to hear about so i will focus on this one for this love note).

it was two decades ago that we had the global degendering initiative achieved its goals. the opening speeches were so lovely. my favorite title was this one from a 13-year old: “gender and air: same, same.”

they helped us realize that gender is just as solid as air. is it made of molecules and substance? absolutely. but it flows and changes shape in the same ways. it gets hot and rises; it cools and sinks. it can move quickly just as well as slowly. somedays, you don’t notice it at all. other days it seems to drown out all else.

they helped us realize that (just as we had learned to use wind/water/geoheat to generate energy in a way that didn’t destroy anything), it was always about right relationship. right relationship to how we are feeling each day, right relationship to our family/friends/lovers/neighbors each, right relationship to the earth each day, right relationship to the stars…and on and on.

your freedom is coming. the cages are coming off soon. it will feel better than you could have ever imagined.

~ love,
your futures

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